About Us

Welcome to Redeemed Co., where faith meets fashion, and every garment tells a story of love, belief, and the warmth of God’s embrace. We are Kaylor and Janelle, a couple whose shared passion for creativity and devotion to God blossomed into this beautiful venture.

It all began as a humble hobby – a way for us to spend quality time together, weaving our love for each other with our love for Christ. As we started crafting Christian-inspired designs, what started in the quiet of our home studio soon echoed in the hearts of believers across the country. Our hobby swiftly grew into a full-fledged business, and that’s how Redeemed Co. was born.

Our Vision: Cozy, Classy, and Full of Faith

At Redeemed Co., we believe in more than just creating clothing; we believe in making a statement of faith. Our collection, exclusively designed for women, offers cozy clothing options that showcase faith in a classy, stylish, and comfortable way. From the soft embrace of our sweatshirts and hoodies to the casual elegance of our shirts, each piece is a testament to a belief that is both vibrant and deeply personal.

Wrapped in Love, Worn with Pride

Our mission transcends the realm of fashion. We aim to wrap our customers in something that’s not just cozy and stylish, but also honoring to God. Our clothing is designed to be a wearable testimony, much like how God wraps us all in His boundless love. It’s about feeling confident and proud of your faith, and carrying it into the world with grace and strength.

A Community of Faith and Fashion

Redeemed Co. is more than a brand – it’s a community. We envision a world where Christian women are unafraid to show their faith, where they can express their devotion as boldly as they express their style. Through our blogs and our designs, we strive to foster a community that celebrates faith, encourages spiritual growth, and embraces God’s love in every aspect of life.

The Heart of Redeemed Co.

Every design we create, every blog we write, is imbued with our commitment to faith, quality, and community. We pour our hearts into providing content that uplifts, inspires, and resonates with the journey of Christian women. From practical advice on living a faith-filled life to reflections on scripture, our blog is an extension of our mission – to embrace, empower, and unite women in faith.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to explore our collection, read our stories, and be a part of this beautiful tapestry of faith and fashion. Together, let’s celebrate the journey of being wrapped in God’s love, wearing our faith with pride, and building a community that shines His light in every corner of the world.

Welcome to Redeemed Co. – where every thread is a story of faith, and every garment is a piece of our heart.

Janelle & Kaylor Greenstreet

Janelle and Kaylor are the founders of Redeemed Co. They have a deep love for God and enjoy pursuing him together. They have 3 wonderful kids, Brooks, Dutton, and Ellie. Janelle is a full time Momma and loves her role as a mother, wife, and home maker for her family. Kaylor is a dedicated father, husband and entrepreneur. They have been together for over 10 years. To learn more about them, click the link below to read their testimony of faith and resilience.

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